My Maids Are Now Richer Than Many Managers - Oct 28

My Maids Are Now Richer
Than Many Managers
 Three years ago, I taught my Maids how to invest in the Stock Market.
       People laughed at me when I told them what I was doing.
“That’s too much for them,” one friend told me. “They can’t handle that. It’s better to teach them how to put their money in the bank.”
Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests in the Stock Market...and why you should too
       But who’s laughing now?
One of my maids has P363,658 in her Stock Market account.
My other maid has 210,847 in her account.
That may not be much to you, but to them, they feel very rich.
       And here’s a fact: My Maids are now richer than many Managers.
       I’m not kidding.
       You see, I talk to a lot of Managers when I give corporate seminars.
       Many of them have Zero savings and are buried in debt.
       My maids? They’re confident that in 5 to 7 more years, they’ll have P1 Million. And 20 years, over P5 Million.
If you've got 20 minutes a month,
You can work a financial miracle in your life.
Each month, my maids bought the Stocks I told them to buy.
       It wasn’t easy, believe me. There were days when they didn’t want to invest their money—because they wanted to buy something. But with my coaching, they disciplined themselves and invested their money.
All it takes is 20 minutes a month. 
First, set aside 20% of your salary each month.
Next, put in your small amount into the Stocks I tell you to buy—which can be done all online, seated in front of your computer, in the comfort of your home. And that’s it. Do this each month and you’re all set to retire a multi-millionaire.
Here’s the deal: Whatever small amounts you can put into the Stock Market today will be worth millions 20 years from now.
I believe that investing (not trading) in the Stock Market is one of the best ways of growing your passive income. Yes, there’s a difference between trading and investing. And my eBook and special Reports will teach you the difference.
Guarantee: You’ll Be Able To Understand Me
       Do you know the problem with the Stock Market world? 
They don’t speak English. Honest.
They speak a strange dialect that is spoken only in the second moon of the planet Uranus. 
But I’ve solved that problem. If my maids can understand me, then anyone can understand me.
I’ll Hold Your Hands Every Step Of The Way
       Here’s what I do for my TrulyRichClub Gold members.
Twice a month, I send a very short “Stocks Update”. I’ll tell you what companies I’m investing in and how they’re doing. 
Why will I give this “Stocks Update” Report? To give my TrulyRichClub members guidance and inspiration. 
Especially when there’s a crisis, my “Stocks Update” will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your Stocks because of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.
Join Today And You’ll Start Stocks Investing
Next Week
I have to be honest with you: This may not be for you. 
I don’t want you to get into something that isn’t for you.
First of all, this isn’t for the person who doesn’t have a job or business.   
In order to invest regularly, you’ve got to earn regularly. (My Maids earn a smaller salary than Managers, but you see, it’s not how much you earn, but how much you keep of what you earn.)
If you have a regular income and are willing to set aside a few pesos a month to invest in long-term investments—so you can create millions for your future—then listen up. 
Read carefully:  In two months, 2012 is gone.
So here’s my big questions for you: Can you PREPARE now so that 2013 will be very different from 2012? Do you want 2013 to be your banner year of growing your finances?
Will you do something NOW? 
Or will you be wondering again when 2013 chugs along, “Oh my gosh, the year is going so fast… Why haven’t I done anything to secure my financial future?”
If you want me to help you, then click here now.
Sign up today, because I’ll be sending out my Stocks Update Report next week for my TrulyRichClub Gold members.
By next week, you can already start investing in the Stock Market. (My “starter’s kit” will also teach you how to create an online account in COLFinancial, the biggest online stocks brokerage in the country. You can also email us for any questions on how to do it.)
To join the Club and start creating your multi-million retirement fund, then click here today.
May your dreams come true,
 Bo Sanchez
PS1. Take Charge Of Your Financial Future. Don’t leave your 2013 to chance. Do something today that will give you financial freedom in your advanced years.   I believe investing little amounts each month in the Stock Market will give you financial freedom in the later years of your life. To take charge of your financial future, click here now.
PS2. By the way, the TrulyRichClub isn’t just all about the Stock Market. It’s also about having an abundance mindset. Why? Believe me, all the technical stuff I’ll teach about The Stock Market WON’T WORK if you don’t have an abundance mindset. So in the Club, you’ll also receive a lot of Audio Talks and eReports from me about having an abundance mindset. To take charge of your financial future, click here now.

How To Have An Abundant 2013

How To Have An Abundant 2013

The BER Months are with us again.
Christmas is coming. (A clear sign that you know Christmas is near: Do you hear kids calling you “Ninong” more often these days?)
And 2013 is rushing towards you like a speeding, unstoppable train.
Are you ready for 2013?
Here’s my big question to you: Do you want your 2013 to be the same as your 2012? Or do you want it to be more FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT?
Life is about preparation. I’ve long realized that battles are won not during the battle itself but before the battle begins. Battles are won during preparation.
          I strongly suggest you prepare for 2013 NOW while it’s still 2012.
And the most important decision you can make for 2013 is to put God first.
          Let me give you my personal invitation…
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Get More Blessed In 2013

          When you put God first, He promises that all things will be added unto you.   I believe that God wants abundance for your life.
Learn how to gain financial freedom this coming year.  Specifically, I’d like to change the way you think about money, the way you feel about money, and the way you work for money. 
On October 20, 2012, I’m giving my powerful How To Be Truly Rich Seminar in PICC. The same powerful seminar that has changed the lives of thousands of people.
By the way, I give this Seminar to companies at P8,000++ per person, but because I want to help more people, I give this Seminar to the public at the subsidized cost of P975 only. (Yes, that’s not a typo.)  
If you want financial freedom, click the link below:

May your dream come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. Here’s my belief: A shift in your understanding will cause a major shift in your financial life. That’s what will happen when you attend my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar. To join, click the link below:

PS2. Avoid Confusion. Get guidance in empowering your financial life. Build your wealth and be truly rich at TrulyRichClub. Every month, receive practical WealthStrategies Newsletter, powerful PowerTalks, and Stocks Update for your stock investments. Immediately, you’ll also receive my Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should Too!
Empower your financial life now!
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How to be Truly Rich Seminar - Oct 20 2012

Bo Sanchez’ How To Be Truly Rich Seminar on October 20, 2012 will free you from financial stagnation and rescue you from years of financial misery.

Do you know that 90% of your money problems are mind problems? Through Bo Sanchez’ transformational How To Be Truly Rich Seminar, you’ll learn how to solve your money problems by first solving your mind problems. 

Bo will take you through the journey towards what you deeply desire: True financial and spiritual freedom. Yes, it’s possible to get out of debt and earn passive income. It’s possible to become wealthy so you could start sharing your wealth to others.

When you listen to Bo Sanchez, you’ll change the way you think, enlarge what he calls your “psychological wallet”, and prepare you to receive abundance into your life. And through this seminar…

1. You’ll discover the invisible prisons of your mind that have kept you in financial bondage all these years—and how you can  finally break out of those internal prisons!
2. You’ll discover the negative, emotionally-charged, beliefs that have kept you stuck in your financial level all these years—and  how you can face them and change them.
3. You’ll conquer the common external obstacles that have always prevented you from moving forward on your road of material abundance.
4. You’ll learn to take 100% responsibility for your financial life, no longer blaming others for your money problems—thereby giving you the power to solve them!
5. You’ll learn how to be spiritually open to the pacific ocean of God’s blessings around you waiting for you to claim them.6. You’ll learn the powerful secret of how to attract wealth to your life.

“Oh Gosh, I wish my entire family was here and listened to you! My brothers and sisters are very poor at managing their money…”
–Cynthia, participant in the last How to Be Truly Rich Seminar

“ Hi Bo! I attended this same seminar last July and I have come a long way, thanks to you! I can say that I am already financially literate and on my way to financial freedom. I have also found a way to pay it forward to those who also want to invest in foreclosed properties and it really feels great to help people! Again many thanks and may God bless us all!”
                                                   –Jay Castillo

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Dear Friend,
I must apologize. The last time I gave the How To Be Truly Rich Seminar, we couldn’t accommodate the huge number of people who wanted to join. (If you were one of them, I’m truly sorry.) It was painful, but we rejected applicants a whole week before the Seminar was given. Because we reached the maximum limit of participants. But wow, the audience in the last How To Be Truly Rich Seminar was truly amazing. Hungry for financial wisdom, they didn’t just listen to my talks. They devoured the talks! That’s what excites me: To help people change their lives. 

Friend, I’m inviting you to join me in my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar. It will change your financial thinking—which will change your financial habits—thereby changing your financial life. Yes, the Seminar will bless you. I’m giving this Seminar again, and I hope you grow with me to become Truly Rich. 

By the way, just to let you know, I give this seminar to companies and they pay P8,000.00++ per person. But because I want to help as many people as possible, I’m giving it to the public for the ridiculous price of P975 only. (That’s not a typo error!) To register, email Don’t delay. We don’t want to reject your application again because we’ve reached the maximum number of participants.

I remain your friend,
Bo Sanchez

PS. If you finish this Seminar, you’ll be qualified to apply for the Truly Rich Coaching Program. We will only accept applicants for this Coaching Program from the graduates of the How To Be Truly Rich Seminar.
How To Be Truly Rich Seminar
By Bo Sanchez
Bestselling Author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich
October 20,  (Sat) at 8:30 am - 12 noon
Seminar Fee: P8,000.00++ P975 only per person. 

Early Bird Offer: The first 9 people who reserve will pay P775 only per person!

(Organized by: BEACONLIGHT Dev’t Center Inc. office hours: Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-5pm  tel #: (02) 7229562 )
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