How To Have An Abundant 2013

How To Have An Abundant 2013

The BER Months are with us again.
Christmas is coming. (A clear sign that you know Christmas is near: Do you hear kids calling you “Ninong” more often these days?)
And 2013 is rushing towards you like a speeding, unstoppable train.
Are you ready for 2013?
Here’s my big question to you: Do you want your 2013 to be the same as your 2012? Or do you want it to be more FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT?
Life is about preparation. I’ve long realized that battles are won not during the battle itself but before the battle begins. Battles are won during preparation.
          I strongly suggest you prepare for 2013 NOW while it’s still 2012.
And the most important decision you can make for 2013 is to put God first.
          Let me give you my personal invitation…
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Get More Blessed In 2013

          When you put God first, He promises that all things will be added unto you.   I believe that God wants abundance for your life.
Learn how to gain financial freedom this coming year.  Specifically, I’d like to change the way you think about money, the way you feel about money, and the way you work for money. 
On October 20, 2012, I’m giving my powerful How To Be Truly Rich Seminar in PICC. The same powerful seminar that has changed the lives of thousands of people.
By the way, I give this Seminar to companies at P8,000++ per person, but because I want to help more people, I give this Seminar to the public at the subsidized cost of P975 only. (Yes, that’s not a typo.)  
If you want financial freedom, click the link below:

May your dream come true,

Bo Sanchez

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