Take Advantage Of This Rocket Zooming Up To The Sky: The Philippine Stock Market

People ask me if I invest in the US Stock Market.
       Yes I do.
But sometimes, I wonder why I do it.

Well, okay…. I do it to diversify. I invest 20% of my funds there. (I use Charles Schwab as my online broker. They have an office in Hong Kong and you have to fly there to open your account. Jeepers.)
       But honestly, I really ask myself why I have to do this because of this incredible fact: I earn SO MUCHMORE in the Philippine Stock Market than in the US Stock Market.
       By a huge difference!

       Why?  Because the entire world’s economy has gone down to the drain. It’s in the estero! America hasn’t recovered yet from its fall. Europe is so bad, in some European countries, 50% of their young people have no jobs. My gosh, 50%!) Even China slowed down intentionally for the past two years so they could prevent inflation.
       So where is the Philippines in all this?
Ahh, you’ll be shocked…
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The Philippines Is An Economic Darling!
There are only three countries now that are the economic darlings of the world: Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. (Yes, we’re not used to this kind of good news. Because in the past, we always appear in the “worst” lists! Worst airport, worst traffic, worst corruption, etc…)

        According to a study released by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank, the Philippines is expected to be one of the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMIES from 2010 until 2050.

       Did you fall off your chair? I did too the first time I read that news. Do what I did—put some ice on the bump on your head and you’re good as new.
Here’s more shocking news. (Before you read the next line, hold onto your chair really tight.) Are you ready?
In a separate report made by HSBC, the Philippines could become the 16th largest economy by 2050.


       Friend, there’s no doubt about it. In the next 20 years, Philippine Stock Market will rise like a rocket. It will zoom all the way to the sky.

       Here’s my big question to you: Are you riding this rocket NOW? Or are you still dillydallying, postponing, delaying, and simply watching this rocket take off from afar?
       It’s NOT too late.
       Come! Join me. Ride with me. Ride with this rocket. Ride with the THOUSANDS of TrulyRichClub Members who I’m guiding to invest in the Stock Market.
My gosh, my kids will see…

My 2 Boys Will Live In A Prosperous Philippines
       Which is the reason why I opened a Stock Market account for each of my boys—who are now 12 years old and 7 years old. (My 12 year old knows how to buy and sell his own stocks. When I’m lazy, I tell him to buy and sell for my account and for his mother’s account. Yep, total child abuse.)
Instead of putting their money in the bank, my boys now have stock market investments.  Isn’t that cool? Instead of earning less than 1% in the bank, they’ve been growing their money at an average speed of 16% to 20% per year. Their money is now P380T each. They’re set for life. (Girls are lining up. My boys are their ideal husbands. I have to shoo them away and tell them to come back ten years later.)

       Warning: Don’t mind the gyrations of the Stock Market. All that is noise! Disregard the small dips, small losses, small crashes here and there. We’re here for the LONG TERM! Keep your vision straight. Don’t get distracted. Stay steady. Like clockwork, invest, invest, invest small amounts every single month.
And YOU will rise with this rocket called the Philippines.

Yes, I’ll Teach You How To Do It
       I repeat: I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people now invest their money into the Stock Market. I can help you too. How? Join the TrulyRichClub—and twice a month, I’ll send you my Stocks Update eReport—telling you what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell.
       To ride this rocket up to the sky, click the link below:

Happy investing!
May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez
PS. If you won’t do it now, when will you do it? Next year? Believe me, you’ll forget. Because life is busy. DO IT NOW. Click the link below…
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