God Believes You Can Prosper by Bo Sanchez

God Believes You Can Prosper - Article from Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club

Have you failed in life?

I’ve met a lot of people who’ve made big messes in their life, they now think they can’t prosper anymore.
Before you chisel that belief on stone, I’d like you first to read a friend of mine share his amazing story with you.

As a kid, he was never a good student. He had failing grades all his life. He was even kicked out of college. And so he never held a college degree.

But something remarkable happened in his life. Today, my friend owns companies worth billions.

How could that have happened?

       I’ll let him tell you his story…

The Power Of Unconditional Love

My name is Edward Lee.

I didn’t start life with millions in my pocket.
That is why I believe anyone can do it.
That is why I believe you can do it.

When people see me for the first time and learn that I own a few companies, people assume that I was born in a wealthy Chinese family.

That’s not true.
I come from a very simple family.

My mother was a school teacher and my father was a door-to-door salesman.

And not only did I not come from a rich family, I also was never able to finish college. Because ever since my Elementary days, I kept failing school. I was a really bad student. I skipped my classes and slept.

In Grade School, I was this stout boy who always slept at the back of the classroom. Because my mother was a teacher in that same school, she would silently enter the classroom and wake me up. She’d pull me out of the classroom, change my shirt (being stout, I’d sweat a lot), and tell me to return to class. And yes, I’d return to the classroom to sleep again.

That was why I kept on failing.
The only reason why I never repeated a year was because my teachers let me pass—for the sake of my mother, their co-teacher.

All those years, my mother and father would cry buckets of tears in front of me, saying, “Edward, we know you’re not dumb. We know you’re intelligent. We believe in you.”

Not once did I hear them tell me (whenever I brought a failing report card), “You’re stupid! You’re hopeless!” I never received condemnation. Instead, all I saw were their tears and their unconditional love.

Through all those years, they never gave up on me.
Time and time again, year in and year out, I’d fail in school, but Mom and Dad kept encouraging me—and loving me.

And they would spend time with me everyday. Each morning, my father would talk to me over breakfast. There were days when we’d talk for hours.

One of the favorite topics he loved talking about were stories about the Taipans—the very rich Chinese Filipinos.  How they started from nothing. And how they created their wealth over time. Through these stories, he was telling me, “One day, you can become rich, son. I don’t care if others don’t believe you. I don’t care if your teachers don’t believe you. I don’t care if your grades are bad. I believe you.”

So if you ask me, “What made you the success that you are today?” I’d say, “I am who I am today because of the unconditional love of my parents.”

Parents, if you have a problematic child, don’t lose hope.
Love them unconditionally. Spend time with them each day. And don’t give up on them, no matter how they’re failing you. Keep believing that they’ll be a great success. If you love them unconditionally, you’ll be laying down a foundation of success for their lives.

Because at the end of the day, there really are no bad children. Only bad parents.

God Believes In You

       Edward’s mother and father didn’t forget their son, no matter how much he messed up his life. It was that unconditional love that changed him.
I love Edward’s story. His parents were able to give God’s unconditional love to their son. No matter what he did, they just loved him. Because behind the mess, they saw magnificence that no one else saw. And they never stopped believing.

       Friend, God’s Love will change you too. Because God will love you forever. In the Bible, God says, I have loved you with an everlasting love.
Perhaps right now, all you can see is the mess.

Perhaps you’re telling me, “Bo, that’s not true. I’ve messed up my life. I’ve made some very poor decisions. I’m a failure, Bo.”

Here’s the truth.

God believes you’re a great person.

There’s greatness in you. God sees it in you because He put that greatness there. And even if you messed up, listen carefully: No matter how big a mess you make, you can’t lessen God’s love for you. You cannot decrease it. You cannot subtract it. You cannot reduce it. Yes, you can prevent God’s Love to enter your life by sin, but you can’t turn it off.

Let me say it in another way. No amount of sin, no amount of disobedience, no amount of mess in your life can lessen God’s belief in you.

Yes, when you sin, you stop God’s love from flowing into your life. But your sin can’t stop God from loving you.

God Is Happy When You Prosper

       Do you think the parents of Edward were happy when he became successful?

In the same way, God is overjoyed when you prosper. The Bible says, The Lord be magnified, who delights in the prosperity of His servant. (Psalms 35:27)

Let me speak abundance into your life:

This year, I pray that God will bless the work of your hands.

This year, God will bless your career. If you have a job, your boss will recognize you. This year, you’ll get a salary increase. This year, you’ll be promoted.

If your boss won’t recognize your excellence, I pray that new doors will open for you—and someone else will recognize you.

       If you have a business, I pray that your marketing will be so fantastic, you’ll have the happy problem of having too many customers.

       This year, I pray that God will multiply your investments.

       So that this year, you can give even more to the Lord’s work.

       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez

PS. Do you want to prosper? Let me teach you how. Here’s the secret: Before you prosper on the outside, you need to prosper on the inside. What do I mean? You need to think in a very different way. 
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